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Are your building personnel sufficiently trained to understand elevator safety and identify potential hazards? Who will assist you with determining if you are receiving the maintenance you are paying for in accordance with your service provider contract? Who will determine your modernization needs and write specifications and bid documentation to realize the best value and bidding competiveness considering all the modernization products available, based on your criteria? You need an unbiased third party elevator expert to help you with these decisions.

Corporate Elevator Consultants, Inc. provides vertical transportation evaluation and consulting services for our clients who own or manage buildings and facilities involving elevators/lifts, escalators, moving walkways, etc. We will evaluate your current system and provide solutions that are effective and capable of optimizing the value of your present elevator system and ensure the safety of your passengers.

In addition, we provide the building owner with the latest and most proven technologies and techniques. We are experienced consultants offering valuation-producing solutions for high-rise and complex systems including modernization and redesign. Corporate Elevator Consultants, Inc. adds value by remaining independent of elevator companies and by providing the owner with elevator system solutions. Please select an option on the left to learn more about us.

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